tanekeya word


tanekeya word is a milwaukee based visual artist, printmaker and educator, whose work centers around black identity, black placemaking, utopianism, abstract minimalism, black hair [i], black aesthetics/beauty, and afrofuturism. 


through art and education, tanekeya documents, reconstructs the social construct of black and preserves the multi-faceted culture of black identity.

a womanist, her work heavily focuses on black women, by sampling their past, remixing their present,  and re-imagining the future of blackness through the lens of black girlhood and womanhood.  


as a journalist, tanekeya writes uncanny art + culture interviews that document the shifts and intersections in the personal lives and works of contemporary creatives.  She has written for neonV "the magazine for contemporary peculiar women," and saint heron, the creative brainchild of solange knowles-ferguson.


currently, tanekeya is pursuing a phd in urban education, with a focus on arts education and third spaces, specifically black place-making. she paints and produces printed matter as a means of negotiating the intersectional narratives of black identity as valid knowledge and creating a space for the exchange of black artistic cultural production.





i  "i grew to believe Black hair has power, genius, and magic in it, defying gravity and limitation. i mean, look at how marvelous it is: black hair grows up and out.”


-michaela angela davis, from “resistance” in black cool: one thousand streams of blackness by rebecca walker ©2012. 61-62.